Digi Menu [Display Menu On TV Screen]

Digital menu boards are menus displayed on computer monitors or TV screens.These are commonly used in coffee shops and restaurants.
They include pictures and prices of menu items. It is easy to update and can be connected to databases to automatically update across all the locations within a few minutes

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Digi Menu [Display Menu On TV Screen]

You may have noticed something different in the past year at one of your favorite restaurants. Ordering at a fast casual restaurant has become easier, faster and perhaps, more entertaining. That’s because many chains are in the process of developing and adding digital menu boards to all of their units! Implementing a digital menu board as part of your digital signage plan could be the solution to improved sales and efficiencies for your restaurant.

What is a Digital Menu Board?

Digital menu boards are LCD, Plasma, TV or LED screens that take the place of static menu boards in restaurant venues. Content is delivered to the menu board through a central content manager and changes are displayed to the menu dynamically based on the requirements of the venue.

Restaurant companies enjoy the benefits of digital signatures such as the ability to change menu prices, food images and promotional messages on the flight. The industry seems to be enjoying the features of presenting interesting, moving HD images of products or commercial clips.
These crisp ingredients are simplifying their operations, engaging the customer better and even changing their sales center. This helps them to manage their overstocked inventory by pressing specific items to be supplied.

Easily create Touch and non-touch Digital Menu Board Content

All the tools you need to design your very own interactive digital menu board content for tablets and large touch screens. With the online layout builder you can easily create interactive touch digital menu board content. The easy to use features allow you to add touch commands to specific zones and specify what happens when the zone is interacted with, such as show another page of content or show / hide a zone. Determine time-out periods for what happens after a specified time of inactivity and different transition animations between touch commands.

Quickly update your Menu Board Content

Updating your menu board content is easy, log into your account online, edit the content and publish then watch as your menus update. Or using our Dynamic Data Plug-in, you can update and upload your menu board content. The embed cloud digital menu solution gives you the flexibility to update your menu board content to a single screen, groups of displays or your entire global network quickly and efficiently.

Giving you More Menu Flexibility

Changing menu boards used to mean spending money on reprinting but now with digital there is no need to reprint, so you can make as many changes as you like, as often as you like. Are you introducing a new product line? Add it to your menus in a few clicks. Made a typo? Rectify it in an instant. New taxes affecting your pricing? Update all your pricing quickly. Need to communicate Allergy and Nutritional information? Seamlessly add it to your menus. Digital menu boards are the bridge between you and greater business flexibility. We use special layer technology for creation of menu boards . So when you want to change just background it will not effect on prices.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Best Graphics & Animation

When it comes to selling, first impressions are so important. First impressions happen when a potential customer sees your product on the shelf, glances at your logo at a trade show, or visits your website. You literally have a few SECONDS to make a positive first impression or your customer will walk. People are very visually motivated. They buy things that “look” desirable. They sign up for services from companies that “look” credible and trustworthy. As shallow as that seems, it’s the truth. So we got the best animation designing team to build your menu board contents.

End-to-end Implementation

we can deliver the whole package. Everything including hardware, bespoke content design, installation, on-going support and everything in between, we can work with you to implement the right digital menu board solution for your business.

Automatic Day Parting & Scheduling

Do you have different menu content for different times of the day? Set up schedules to ensure that the right content is displayed at the right time. Set up schedules based on times of the day and days of the week as well as running content for specific time and date ranges – perfect for running campaigns or time / date sensitive content.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Deliver brand-wide messages and updates instantly and consistently across your estate. No need to worry about interpretation of brand messaging wavering causing a misleading message across your stores, just update your content and publish to the right place at the right time. Reduce the time your staff take in taking down old menus and replacing with new ones and remembering to manually change items for different times of day – using the Khazina Digital menu board  solution all of this can be taken care of allowing you to focus your resources on other core areas of your business.


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