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Swan Design creates stylish, unique ‘Dusense’ extra-thick high gloss raised spot UV for business cards that literally stand out much more.

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FAQs - Laminated Business Cards

What is laminating?

Laminating is the application of an extremely thin layer of plastic over the surface of the card which serves to both protect the print and add a luxurious feel to the surface of the board. Laminating protects the card and adds to it’s longevity which, considering you really want people to keep your card, is no bad thing.

What are the most popular laminated finishes and why?

Matt laminate is by far the most popular.  It offers extremely good value as a decent balance between protection, tactility and price. Secondly soft-touch laminate which, whilst considerably more expensive offers a luxurious velvety feel that’s hard to resist stroking. Increasingly popular through recent events are anti-bacterial matt and gloss for obvious reasons but if you want your card to stand out, you should consider our linen finish or holographic laminate which because you’ll find challenging to find elsewhere, will really make your card stand out.

How thick is the laminate?

Each different type of laminate varies slightly from just 24 microns thick (0.024mm) for gloss laminate to 50 microns (0.05mm) for our linen embossed laminate. Even the thickest laminate doesn’t noticably add a difference to the thickness of the card.

Is there any such think as a plastic laminate that can be recycled?

A new starch-based laminate is being developed which is the first truly environmentally friendly laminate on the market and as soon as it’s commercially available it will be an option on our site. However, as your intention is to get people to keep your card and not dispose of it, maybe considering it’s recyclability is missing the point?

Is laminating suitable for membership cards?

Membership cards are generally plastic ‘encapsulated’, as opposed to laminated. Encapsulating seals the card within a solid plastic border and encapsulation film is generally much thicker than laminating film. There is nothing stopping you using a laminated card for a membership card but encapsulation is probably a better solution.

What's the best card to use for a laminated business card?

We recommend our 400gsm silk finish board for all of our laminated finishes. Silk coated board is slightly more substantial than gloss board of the same weight and due to ithe silky smooth surface holds detailed print better than uncoated boards.

How effective are your anti-bacterial laminates?

Special additives are blended into the film creating an anti-bacterial outer layer barrier. This is designed to kill 99% of bacteria that come into contact with the films surface. The film is also food contact safe and offers a realistic solution for the medical environment.


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